Tiny House and Happy 2013!

Happy new year! Is everyone nice and hungover? Good. I had a nice, low-key new year's at the bar down the street eating $1 tacos (don't let the price fool you; they're the most amazing tacos on the planet).

But here's the strangest thing: I woke up this afternoon morning to find an inflatable dinosaur sitting on my scooter... just sitting there! I have no idea who put it there, and it wasn't there at 2 am when I got home last night. It was such a magical way to start the year off. I really wish I could thank the person responsible, but at the same time, the mystery adds to the magic. It was a new year's miracle!! (I don't have a good picture of it except on my Instagram account, which you can follow at @PhillyArtGirl.)

No one that I know personally has claimed responsibility, but I feel strongly that it's a sign of things to come in 2013. A year full of... inflatable dinosaurs! BEST YEAR EVER ALREADY.

My mom orchestrated a holiday cardboard house craft for me, her, and my sister to do together. I didn't want to photograph mine until I could take it home and see how it looked with the tiny dinosaur. Not bad... not bad at all.
While I don't really have concrete, list-able resolutions to share, I have some things that I want to work on; mostly relating to art or food (make more/better art, eat more/better food). I think those two things are things we can all get behind, right? Otherwise, I'm starting 2013 off by watching a Star Trek movie marathon and doing some light embroidery. Happy 2013, friends! Here's to another year of creativity!


Mary Engelbreit said...

Such a cute house! I'm sure the dinosaur is happy living there. Did you ever finish your black and white embroidery project you started at the workshop? I'm dying to see it....

Philly Art Girl said...

Mary! I, too, hope the dinosaur is happy living there, and moreover: I hope the dinosaur and the deer can find harmony. I haven't finished it yet (I'm so undisciplined) but I WILL. It is my goal to have it finished in time to take with me and share the final product this year! I can. not. WAIT to see what the workshops are going to be this year!!