Well, it's that time again! Every time I try to not like my birthday, I somehow end up liking it more. It's just a fun day. Maybe I'm not old enough to hate it, or maybe I'm one of those people who will never hate my birthday... even though the numbers may at times be disturbing.
I'm doing that make-your-own calendar thing again this year, but this time I'm doing pen and ink (with watercolor accents) instead of collages. This was January.

Happy birthday to me!


gwenivere said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your blog!!


Philly Art Girl said...

Thanks, Gwenivere! What a great birthday message to get! I hope it continues to entertain as I get older and I inevitably have an increase in senile posts :p

CrogDog said...

Happy birthday! (think I may be a day late but happy birthday anyway!)