Animals in Sweaters

 I thought it would be a good idea to share this one before we get too far from Christmas. I gave this as a gift to my boss Zoe at Whipped. We're always joking about how animals (ALL animals, no matter what they are) are always cuter if they're wearing sweaters. This gift only seemed... logical.

It's a bit of a different style for me. I went for a more simple watercolor-y look, something that was a bit more charming than my usual work.

In other news, I just ordered a pound of composting worms! (That's about 1,000 worms!) I can't wait to meet my new worm army. My attack worms. This is all in preparation to grow some of my own food this summer. More on that mission in another post. For now, I have to sign off so I can draw up the plans for my worm mansion.


insaneMole said...

Ümlauts! As a German, seeing them in unusual places (from their pov) is alwäys like seeing photös of friends traveling the world.
Hey there little döts, hope you're well and behave this time!

David Tana said...

Gonna put sweaters on the worms too? Can't wait to hear about your vermiculture project. I've been thinking about trying it out for a while now.

Corinne Alexandra said...

Oh my goodness gracious! Your artwork is so marvelous! :D