Wampa Bowling Cake

Hi, everybody!! I have returned. I took a little blogging break just to remind myself that objects exist in real time and not just in cyber format. That said, you haven't missed much because I haven't really had anything interesting to share... UNTIL TODAY, THAT IS! I was very happy to surprise someone with a cake that was pretty much the exact same cake that I would have wanted for myself. Isn't it nice when that works out?

The cake inside was pumpkin spice filled with old fashioned buttercream. I tinted the buttercream on the outside to get that nice "Star Wars Blue" (if that's not already the name for a paint or crayon color, someone has been remiss in their color-naming duties). I made all of the other decorations with fondant, except for the Wampa fur for which I used royal icing. And YES, that is a Death Star bowling ball that he's holding next to the two little Stormtrooper bowling pins. 
(Oh, and hey, bowling ball companies: why don't you start making bowling balls that look like the Death Star? I looked and couldn't find any online. If I had one of those, I would be the coolest bowling girl within at least a dozen lanes. Make it so, bowling companies.)
Thank you to the ever-amazing Zoƫ Lukas (no, not "Lucas," I know what you're thinking) and all of my awesome co-workers at Whipped Bakeshop for helping me make this cake an awesome surprise!

By the by: I appreciate the inquiries some of you have made regarding my absence; it makes me feel like people actually miss seeing what I'm up to... which is extremely reaffirming. So thank you! The holidays are always nice because I have lots of handmade gifts that, once given to their respective recipients, I can share here!

I hope you have all sent your lists to Santa; time is running out. I asked him for a crafting workshop weekend with my mom, and also for tickets to a class about Belgian beer. Merry Christmas to ME!


barts185 said...

I don't have any experience with any of these places, but googling

custom bowling balls
Star Wars bowling balls

would seem to indicate that it should be possible to get that bowling ball, specifically


Of course, I would imagine you more with this one:


Sunny said...

Wow, Jenn... This cake looks fantastic. Great Art Direction. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work.

minipoppy said...

Pure genius - "somebody" was very lucky!

Darth Sadie said...

I now officially want to be 30! And, um, called Steve.

Philly Art Girl said...

Thanks, guys! I'm lucky to know such amazing people that have such great taste in movies (and cakes). About the bowling ball; I actually had seen the ones in those links, but I want one that actually looks like the Death Star!! I want I want I want!! :p