Sun Exposure Prints

A while back I bought this Sunography kit. The directions are fairly simple: throw some stuff on top of the paper in the kit and let it sit in the sun for about 10-15 minutes. I did my best to grab interesting things, but I think I can do better if I go on a proper scouting trip at the thrift and craft stores. Happily, the kit came with about 6 sheets of double-sided paper. So... huzzah.

These are two sides of a single sheet that I did this morning. I'll hold off for now on others. Apparently you can make it sepia-toned by putting it in a water bath that has detergent that has phosphates in it. I tried it, but none of my stupid environmentally friendly detergents have phosphates in them, so it looks like it's blue for now.

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Smallgood said...

These are my favorites. I love doing this with kids. My favorite prints I made were some constellations, but I'd love to use lace from my wedding veil.