Nesting Dolls and Crafting Classes

Happy Sunday, friends! This is just a little personal design work I've been doing today. I bought some fancy new pens and super smooth bristol paper at Dick Blick, and the combination is just... perfection. The possibilities really seem endless.

Zoe and I also took a class at Paper Source this week. This was our second time, and to be quite honest, I don't know if we'll go back. I've been giving her these classes as holiday and birthday gifts this year, but the structure is just too rigid. While I feel happy to follow some guidelines, as an artist I like to make things my own; add my own personal touches. While this kind of rogue crafting behavior isn't directly forbidden in the classes, the teachers do seem to want to discourage it.
I picked this class specifically because the description made it sound more loosely structured than the previous one I had given as a gift. Not so much. I understand that they want to sell products, but I feel that when I'm given the opportunity to experiment more, I'm more inclined to find ways that I like using a product and therefore more inclined to buy it. I suppose that some people who aren't as naturally artistic might appreciate the rigid structure, but my personal philosophy is that a good class helps people find their own artistic/crafting voice. That said, we had fun, but perhaps that's more a result of our natural ability to make almost any activity we do together fun.

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Weff said...

Being an art major myself... I totally agree.