Collage Therapy

Being an artist is a beautiful and immensely frustrating vocation. There are highs when you feel like you've "figured it out" and all of your fears are soothed by the prospect of a really clever and beautiful idea. Then there are the lows where you find that all the pieces of a great project are falling apart like a house of cards. The ebb and flow of creativity is maddening. 

Clearly, I'm in a little bit of a dark place. 

Anyway, I find that collages can be extremely therapeutic. There's something really redeeming about gluing scraps together. I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in an artistically dark place.


Scott said...

Whenever you're in a dark place, just remember the hundreds of people your work inspires and let their appreciation light your way :)
It's the nature of being an artist unfortunately. Without the failures and the frustrations, the successes wouldn't be nearly so amazing and rewarding.
Like they say, it's the journey not the destination.

Philly Art Girl said...

Thanks, Scott! Truer words could not have been spoken.

megan said...

i found your blog the other week and clicked through your archives for forever because your work is amazing and you're so inspiring.
you seem to live a life that is so alive and true to who you are, it's real motivation.

Philly Art Girl said...

Thank you so much to you both, and I'm so glad you found and like my blog so much, Megan! Hearing that it's inspiring other people really re-energizes me to keep working, so thank you thank thank you!!