Vintage Matchbooks

As part of the craft inventory I talked about in this post, I've also been contemplating this collection of vintage matchbooks given to me as a gift. Some stranger collected this huge assortment of matchbooks, and they did nothing with them. That makes me kind of sad.

They're interesting because they tell me one of two things: either this person had a preference for matchbooks with dogs on them, OR putting dogs on matchbooks was a really popular thing to do, thus creating a surplus of dog-themed matchbooks.
That said, I don't know what to do with them myself. There's actually a lot more than I laid out, but they have that creepy dusty feeling that makes your hands dry, so I left most of them in the box. I don't know, what's a cool craft I could do with these?


Tom said...

Maybe laminate and make into bookmarks?

AmyLynn said...

You could Modge Podge or use resin on them for a table top. Maybe scatter a few matches in there for extra detail (I think unburned matches would look better). If you've got a low enough table, you could top it off with a piece of glass for extra protection.

Mind Chatter said...

They're really nice to look at. You could cut in half and turn them into a matching game. I like the bookmark idea myself.

Diane said...

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Greg Wolf said...

I've been collecting matchbooks for a few years. Please, please, please do not laminate them.

From the photos I have seen on your blog you have a lot of old Diamond Match "Colgates" as they're called. These are mostly from the late 1930's and generally had card games rules on the inside cover.

The Alka-Seltzer one is from 1937 and a pretty cool cover if you ask me.

If you'd like to keep them, get a few clear pages that you put baseball cards in and enjoy them that way. Or, you could just keep them in the clementine box too.


Philly Art Girl said...

Thanks, Greg! Good to know!