Valentine's Cards

My boss Zoe and I took a Valentine's Card making class at Paper Source last week. They had a much more rigid structure to the projects than I anticipated, but I did my best to make each of them as unique and "me" as possible.
We love Paper Source so much. It's a magical land of over-priced awesome eye candy. We both agreed that the projects were a lot of fun, but we also would have enjoyed free reign and access to all the goodies they have there.
Also, how amazing is the GIF I just made? I've never done one before, but it was surprisingly easy.
Chinchilla GIF
That's my chinchilla. He's amazing. Especially when he gets all smooshy and flat underneath my comfy chair.

Oh, P.S.: I have a REALLY exciting thing to share on Friday, so make sure you tune in for that.


dinogami said... are so freakin' talented...! Any chance you're in the market to sell some talent to those of us that are talent-deficient...?

Philly Art Girl said...

Thanks, Jerry! Of course I'm always willing to share my talent with people who like dinosaurs, as long as it is returned to me for big projects. As I recall, you purchased some of my talent at SVP, though! Hope you're well!!

Heather Belle said...

The star wars card is AMAZING! And I love the chinchilla :D
Your blog is too cute, I love the header!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

omg..! i was taken by yor r2d2 helmet at first and immediately FOLLOWED! then i saw the "dark side" reference and was even more smitten. THEN, that storm troopers card - omg! THEN THE TIGHTS!? you're kiddin gme!


we need to be friends! :)

btw i hope we can connect, jenn!