I Don't Know What Day It Is

This Christmas pug went a little overboard with Christmas clip art. Don't blame him; pugs really like clip art.
Merry holiday times, all. I hope everyone had a good time, got their stockings filled with eggs and bacon, drank to your heart's content, and had an overall jolly time. I have little to say (partly because I'm drinking to my heart's content), but here is a photo round-up of the past couple weeks. No awards, just good aesthetic times.
Epic fail. Why is this strawberry flavored when it should clearly be bacon flavored? FAIL FAIL FAIL. Did not give as gift.

Taught holiday cookie class. Best cookie tip; when the cookie gives you problems, show it who's boss; eat it.

That's all for now, folks! See you on Wednesday with one of my favorite creations from the holidays.


Please Note said...

I think an even bigger fail would be if it was strawberry bacon flavored.

Agreed... bacon please.

carol anne @ soapboxville said...

The massively over-sized chipmunks are kind of creepy. Nightmare inducing even. *shudder*

Merry (2 days after) Christmas!

Philly Art Girl said...

Oh god, those are two flavors that should never be mixed. Alone, quite strong, but together; YUCK. I agree; the mere suggestion of the juxtaposition of those flavors is offensive.

And I think the creepiest one is Theodore. I don't really like Theodore. Definitely the weakest chipmunk link. Merry 2 days after Christmas to you, too!