Best of 2011

Everyone is doing 2011 review posts right now. This is no exception. I have spent a little time reflecting on the year, looking back (plateauing, if you will) and comparing where I am now to where I was a year ago. It's been a hard year, but for that reason, a good year. A hardgood year.

I think the theme of 2011 was not "no fear" but "lots of fear and do it anyway." A couple examples: I took on lots of new commissions that I was scared I would fail at (all of them are proud accomplishments now). I moved from my beloved apartment of nearly 7 years to a house with two dudes (which continues to be scary but has taught me much).

For my blog, this has been a huge year. After taking a springtime blog hiatus, I came back and my R2D2 helmet just blew up all over the internet. But I've done lots of other things that I've been really proud of, so here is (some of) the best of my year:
 We had another snowy, blizzard-y winter at the beginning of the year. I started a project where I walked around Philly neighborhoods taking pictures of snowmen. I find that there's something uniquely charismatic about the snowmen Philadelphians build. I hope dearly that 2012 will bring us a couple good snows so I can keep the project going. 
I started the year with a Project 365, hoping to take a picture every day. I only got 3 months in, but I still consider the project a success when I look at some of the nicer photos I took.

If I was anything this year, I was extremely good at staying on top of keeping art in my routine. I've been very prolific, and I have a lot of work to show for it. That might be my proudest accomplishment of 2011.
Another great year with my mom at one of our annual St. Louis crafting trips.
Of course we all remember this.
For which I ended up on the front of the Philly newspaper after the Geekadelphia Geek Awards.
I became a real artist when my artwork went up at a museum (Dinosaur National Monument). Euthlastes here was one of the paintings I did for the mural.
The Angry Birds cake I made for my friend's 30th birthday was one of my favorite cakes of the year. Made a lot of really fun cakes at Whipped this year.

I don't know, I feel like I could put so much more up, but much like this year, it's time for this post to end. The only thing left to say is thank you to all of you who have taken interest in my work, life, art, all of it. You all are a huge part of what made 2011 such a rewarding year.
See you next year!

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