Tiny Fox Painting

Readers, meet tiny fox painting. He's a watercolor, he's very tiny, and he likes to stand in front of vintage-y patterns. Here's what's happening: I actually have a bunch of these tiny paintings now, but I can't decide what to do with them all. I keep going back in forth in my head between opening an Etsy shop and selling them there, or showing them in a gallery or something. 
Oh, and how do you like my Chewbacca mug? Lots of decisions in life are hard, but that was an easy one. When given the option, always take Chewie mug.


averie said...

Chewbaca mug = awesome
Your blog header = also really awesome
Little Fox painting = really reaaaaally awesome

Philly Art Girl said...

Awww, thank you!! I'll just have to keep going with my instincts and hope that nice people like you enjoy my fickle decision making processes :)

Sam said...

What a cute painting! I'd show in a gallery and then open an Etsy shop. That way you have twice the fun!

The Chewbaca mug is great!

grandmastatus said...

I would buy that tiny fox.
yes indeedy.

Anonymous said...

i really love your tiny fox.
what if it was painted on rox?
what if said rox then shipped in a box which i could open while wearing sox? i say go for the etsy shop!-lee-

Philly Art Girl said...

For rhyming like that?
I'd mail it in a vat!
(with said fox in dat vat, of course, cool cat.)

MrMike27 said...

OK everyone take a deep breath, you are running low on O2 and are getting a little loopy.

Becky said...

Just found your blog, mysteriously through lots of random links. Pretty much glad I did. I thought I liked your blog, then I saw Chewbacca. Now I know I like your blog for sure!

Philly Art Girl said...

@Becky: Excellent! I'm really glad you did, too! My rule of thumb is: "When in doubt, show them the Chewie mug; everyone is powerless to the attractive power of Chewie."