Ron Swanson Pumpkin

This blog post almost didn't happen. Seriously; it was one slip of the knife away from not being a thing. But happily I didn't screw it all up, so it's now a thing. 

Last night's Activity Club Philly's weekly activity was the ever-festive pumpkin carving. I'm not saying this is top quality (in fact I'm quite sure and hopeful that someone will bang out a better one), but as an amateur pumpkin-er I feel pretty good about it. I looked at a picture of him on my smart phone and used a permanent marker to draw his face on and delineate cut lines.

After being super patient with the drawing, I got really impatient and started hacking away at it with a knife that was too big. This is what it looked like before I did all the dangerous details:
   After refining, I used toothpicks to add some parts that had dropped off.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this. It was a lot of fun to make, and we had Shuan of the Dead and Rosemary's baby on during carving times, so that was good, too. But no one tells a horror story quite like Ron Swanson: 


ZWinning said...

Of course only a bacon or steak scented candle is appropriate to use. Bacon and maple syrup scented candles would be the ideal choice.

Shannon said...

I don't know how you only have one comment, but you are a freaking genius. I kind of want to make a bacon-o-lantern now. Best pumpkin ever.

Philly Art Girl said...

OMG, PLEASE make a bacon-o-latern. Also, where can I get bacon scented candles?